Client Side Detection

Detect threats, block fraud and safeguard customer experience

End-users remain the weak link in the online banking chain. Using malware, cyber-criminals manage to steal personal information and perform fraud. The PSD2 directive makes financial institutions across the payment ecosystem accountable for the proper implementation of fraud monitoring.

Client Side Detection is the solution to detect threats and rate risk of customer devices while remaining completely invisible to the end-user. Being outside the security perimeter, customer devices represent a considerable weakness in the security chain. CSD fulfills the gap by providing the capability to detect abnormal behavior on both web and mobile channels.

Integrate flawlessly with existing services to detect malware.

Get real-time insight on infected devices.

  • Managed detection service
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Agentless and invisible to customers
  • Risk status and malware detection
  • Easy and live configuration update
  • Connection with risk and fraud engines
CSD schema
A centralized platform to manage the solution
CSD dashboard
Continuous monitoring

Newly detected threats are reported for handling round the clock.

Known and unknown threats

Make your own definitions and heuristics to detect hazardous devices.

Risk-based alerting

Attribute risk-scores for prioritization and block fraud efficiently.

API and messages for automation

Automation is possible thanks to the direct connection with fraud engines.

Asses you risk status in real-time

The portal provides overview of the risk level per channel in real-time.

Safeguard user experience

Agentless solution that has no impact on device and customer experience.


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