Threat Fabric

Client-Side Detection


Detect threats, block fraud and safeguard your customer’s experience. CSD is a Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution with focus on detecting malicious malware capabilities on devices.

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  • Detect unknown & known malware and insecure runtime.
  • Omni-channel solution.
  • 95% certainty in device risk scores due to MTI integration.
  • Integrated in your native iOS, Android and Web app as a lightweight background service.
  • Direct communication with your fraud scoring engine using MQ/KafKa for real-time fraud stopping.

Why CSD matters

From threat intel to active client protection

Threat intel is important, but also only part of the solution. Threat intel will not stop fraud by itself, so your clients are still vulnerable. In order to be effective, threat intel should be integrated in the core fraud stopping mechanisms of a bank.

Please meet CSD: ThreatFabric’s omni-channel solution that can detect both unknown & known mobile banking malware in real-time. By communicating directly with your fraud scoring engine, CSD will enable you to protect your clients before it’s too late.

The CSD Portal provides you with the latest insights and alerts, and can either run on-premise or as a SaaS.

How it works

Real-time fraud detection

Real time fraud detection


Fraud protection in all your banking channels

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