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Threat actors motivated by financial gain have followed your customers from desktop banking to mobile banking. MTI exposes their new tactics, techniques and procedures, enabling you to protect your clients.

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  • Protect your customers and internal assets
  • Optimized for threat intel, fraud, SOC and CERT teams
  • Malware family reports
  • Real-time STIX/TAXII integration in Threat Intel Platforms (TIPs)
  • Automated alerts for relevant stakeholders in real-time, daily or weekly digests.

Why MTI matters

Expose your adversaries

Without knowledge about your adversaries, it is hard to defend yourself and your customers against malicious activities. The new tactics, techniques and procedures used by criminals have proven to bypass the common fraud detection mechanisms.

MTI is our threat intelligence solution that provides you with insights on the mobile threat landscape. MTI will empower you with knowledge to prevent threat actors from being successful, enabling you to keep your risk levels to the bare minimum and to preserve your customer’s experience. We deliver this our knowledge in real-time using automated malware feeds, or as human readable reports about malware families.

Samples & Reports

Highly detailed knowledge for all stakeholders

Our skilled security researchers continuously collect information about new threats. All malware samples we collect are analysed, structured and enriched for better context. Collected data becomes available through our API in real-time, so that you can feed it into your favourite system.

Apart from collecting the technical data, our security researchers manually write highly detailed reports about the malware families we encounter. These reports provide you with extremely valuable high-level information about how your adversaries operate, what their targets are, and what controls you can put in place to detect & defend against them.

If you have any questions about our findings or reports, you can reach out directly to our security researchers to assist you with your specific environment or investigation.



Yearly fee based on the bundle of components to be delivered

Intel only Unmanaged Managed Complete
Actionable feed
Malware family reports
MTI portal & API
Malware sample analysis
Pll investigation & recovery
Monitoring & alerting
Access to our experts
Tailor-made reporting

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